Hot Snacks

Gyoza Dumplings (4 piece)

Chicken & vegetable deep fried dumpling served with soy sauce and white rice vinegar dressing


2 deep fried japanese chicken skewer

Chicken Yakitori (H)

Teriyaki marinated chicken with sesame seeds

Ebi bites

3 piece of fried prawn with tonkatsu sause

Prawn Shumai (5 piece)

Prawn dumplings

Spring roll (4 piece) (V)

Vegetable spring roll with sweet chilli sauce


Desserts / Snacks

Flavoured Peas & Crackers Can

Wasabi peas / shiracha spicy peas / mixed cracker

Daifuku Rice Cakes (Mochi filled with read bean paste)

Black sesame / white sesame

Doriyaki (Japanese pancake)

Strawberry/ Chocolate


Biscuits with strawberry cream filling/ cocoa biscuits with matcha green tea cream filling

Rice Cracker

Snack Bars

Eat Natural - cashew & blueberry/ almond & apricot/ protein packed

Reese's - nut bar

Sesame Snaps

Lindt chocolate with hazelnut



(V) - Vegetarian      (GF) - Gluten Free       (H) - Halal      (S) - Spicy